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Your warm-hearted style coach with sense of humor and italian flair

Welcome! Nice that you’re here! Would you like to find out how to quickly put outfits together that match your body, color-type and personality?  Are you looking for a change, maybe to dress differently, more modern or more feminine, but don’t know where to start? Would you like to save time and energy and feel great and secure every day in your clothes? If so, I will be very pleasead to help you!


Style Coaching™ and Image Consulting in the Zurich and Winterthur areas and online

Perhaps you have already wondered why you get stressed when thinking about what to wear every day. Maybe you have too many clothes that you are not wearing, maybe you have difficulties to find pieces that really suit your body shape and your lifestyle. If you find yourself buying things that don´t always match your wardrobe, if you don´t  really feel comfortable with yourself and your styling every day, believe me I understand you. I`ve felt like that for years.

I am Antonietta, Style Coach ™ and image consultant and I am happy to help you find the right clothes, colors and above all, the right attitude to focus on your own strengths, to become more stylish and therefore to gain more self-confidence. The change on the outside as well as on the inside can make a huge difference in your life.

So, would you also like to learn the tools to put together outfits that fit your figure, color type and personality more quickly? Would you like to improve your self-image, feel beautiful and comfortable in your clothes every day?

Then I look forward to hearing from you!


What I can do for you

Become your own image consultant!

Color, Body Shape and Styliug Inspiration

Do you finally want to know which colors and models really enhance your natural beauty and which ones are less favorable for you? Then this is the perfect consultation for you.

You will find out exactly which colors go best with your skin, hair and eyes, which ensures immediate change in your wardrobe and in your life. The “wow” factor is guaranteed! And since all colors from your personal palette can be combined with one another, you no longer have to think about which clothes go together in the future.

This also applies to makeup, accessories and glasses. In the second part of this consultation, I analyze your figure, your face and overall your proportions. You will learn which clothing models underline your strengths and what to look out for when you go shopping. You will gain security and save time in the future. We also talk about the best hairstyle, accessories and glasses for you.

The consultation usually takes place on site but if you prefer an online consultation we can arrange that during our free consultation call.

Style Coaching™

The premium program

Do you want to discover your personal style, your wow colors and the most suitable clothes for you? Do you want to become more confident in your daily styling and save time and money in the long term? Have you noticed that you often have to struggle with negative thoughts about your appearance?If you wish to become more self-confident, the Style Coaching ™ program is the best choice for you.

Everything you change on the outside also needs the corresponding inner conviction. For this reason, topics such as self-love, positive thinking and self-esteem are also included in this program, as a reminder that true beauty really comes from within.

The package includes style advice and coaching elements and extends over approximately 3 months. This gives you the time you need to discover and apply a lot of new information about yourself. A lifetime investment.

Additional Services

People are unique and so are your needs. Do you need help with a specific topic? Are you thinking about a group workshop, a personal shopping trip or may just need help with your wardrobe? Then please contact me and I will make sure that I put together a suitable offer for you.
A presto!


Coupons for style advice

Surprise someone with a style advice voucher with an amount of your choice.


“The styling with Antonietta has been an amazing experience! She is very human, humorous and very professional. I learned a lot through style coaching, of course about styling, but also about myself: how I can put on make-up better and take care of my skin, how I can choose clothes that are adapted to my figure and my color palette and make me look advantageous.
Long-term self-confidence boosting! After mucking out the closet I felt so much lighter. And thanks to Antonietta’s shopping recommendations, I have all the pieces that can be combined to create different styles. “Less is more” has never made so much sense to me! Thank you for the great work and the nice conversations!”

Catherine Tschudi, 45

“Dear Antonietta,
I thank you very much for your effective commitment. I needed a visible change, from the inside out. My concern was to express «my femininity». By defining my very own style, matching my type, body shape and color type. In order to have the clothes in my closet afterwards that express my curves advantageously, the colors that make my appearance shine and can be easily combined. Finally there is no more «mucking out»! I don’t just buy thoughtlessly anymore. I booked a consultation with you in June 2020. The process that I went through with you for three months has paid off and this change has continued until now. You accompanied me professionally and with a lot of passion and were there for me afterwards with tips and tricks. A big thank you to you!”

Jasmin Possenti, 44

I am very grateful to Antonietta for helping me find out my new fashion style and for showing me how this change can be implemented directly in the wardrobe. Anto is extremely motivated to get the best out of everyone, to make the change as easy as possible for you and at the same time create a pleasant and trusting atmosphere. What is important ist that my self-image has also changed positively through your work and this is the greatest gain of all.

Carmen Stoffel, 42

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