About me

If you are here, it’s maybe because you don’t feel comfortable with your style. Maybe you feel frustrated because you feel like you never seem to know what really suits you, or you are just looking for inspiration to reinvent yourself. If that’s the case, I know how you feel because I’ve been through it all already.

I am a warm-hearted, humorous and cheerful Italian with Argentinian roots and live in the canton of Zurich since 2008. I learned everything I know about styling in Italy thanks to various training courses in Milan and several years of observing shops and street style trends. The Italian style inspires me when working with my clients.

When recommending new clothes, I pay particular attention to the cuts, colors, fabrics and workmanship as well as your personality and budget. It is important to me to find pieces of clothing that don’t have to be extremely expensive (unless you want to have certain brands) but still look up-to-date and convince in terms of quality. You can go shopping with me in Zurich, but also in outlets like Fox Town (Mendrisio) or in Milan. Online shopping also works very well, is very convenient for you and can relieve a lot of stress while saving time.


Why did I decide to become a Style Coach™?

For most of my life, I wasn’t particularly stylish, on the contrary. Although I had a good role model at home with my parents, I couldn’t dress really well for many years. I often perceived myself as boring and sometimes invisible. My self-esteem was weak and that led to my constant comparing myself to other women and not believing that I was good enough to be happy with myself.

This conviction accompanied and burdened me for a very long time. That is why I can understand you so well if you also feel in a similar way. That is my motivation, why I want to help other women today to find out and underline their strengths. I would like to help women not to compare themselves, not to be afraid of the mirror and to be happy with their personality, their style and their body.

And yes, clothes can definitely make the man, but only with the right internal attitude. I am a very spontaneous person and I love pizza margherita, strolling in Italy, the sea in Sicily, good conversation and true friendship. Since I have two cheeky little rascals, you will often see me with puffiness or dark circles, which let me look a little bit like a panda bear.

If you feel inspired by me, and you feel like you can trust me, I will be happy to help you with your concerns. The best thing to do is to arrange a free first meeting so that you can ask questions and find out how I can best help you. I will be happy to listen to your story!


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