Testimonials – What my customers say

The styling with Antonietta has been an amazing experience! She is very human, humorous and very professional. I learned a lot through style coaching, of course about styling, but also about myself: how I can put on make-up better and take care of my skin, how I can choose clothes that are adapted to my figure and my color palette and make me look advantageous.
Long-term self-confidence boosting! After mucking out the closet, I felt so much lighter. And thanks to Antonietta’s shopping recommendations, I have all the pieces that can be combined to create different styles. “Less is more” has never made so much sense to me! Thank you for the great work and the nice conversations!

Catherine Tschudi, 45

Dear Antonietta,
I thank you very much for your effective commitment. I needed a visible change, from the inside out. My concern was to express «my femininity». By defining my very own style, matching my type, body shape and color type. In order to have the clothes in my closet afterwards that express my curves advantageously, the colors that make my appearance shine and can be easily combined. Finally there is no more «mucking out»! I don’t just buy thoughtlessly anymore. I booked a consultation with you in June 2020. The process that I went through with you for three months has paid off and this change has continued until now. You accompanied me professionally and with a lot of passion and were there for me afterwards with tips and tricks. A big thank you to you!

Jasmin Possenti, 44

I am very grateful to Antonietta for helping me find out my new fashion style and for showing me how this change can be implemented directly in the wardrobe. Anto is extremely motivated to get the best out of everyone, to make the change as easy as possible for you and at the same time create a pleasant and trusting atmosphere. What is important ist that my self-image has also changed positively through your work and this is the greatest gain of all.

Carmen Stoffel, 42

Antonietta is a master of her trade with the special ability to work out and implement individuality. She not only helped me to understand which cuts and colors would suit me, but also helped me to appear more confident with the new matching wardrobe. Anto’s friendly and understanding manner made it very easy for me to go through my wardrobe with her and to speak openly with her.
I was thrilled that she has such a good eye and searched for things online for me that fit me perfectly and that I really like. I can only advise everyone who is looking for their own style to work with Antonietta. The result is guaranteed to be sensational!

Myra Posluschny-Treuner, 41

The experience with Anto was very interesting and enriching for me. I was able to optimize my style with colors and cuts that suit me personally. In particular, however, I was inspired by personal coaching and what I was able to learn in the relationship with myself.
Thanks Anto !!

Andrea Hirt, 47